Friday, March 4, 2016

Shawano County farmer believes wolves responsible for attack on cattle


A Shawano County farmer believes wolves are responsible for killing five Black Angus yearling steers on the family’s Aniwa farm.
Farmer Cindy Lex told WAOW a wildlife specialist for the U.S Department of Agriculture examined the cattle and concluded it was a coyote attack.
However, Lex is not convinced.
“I can believe a wolf doing this more than a pack of coyotes,” Lex told WAOW. “We can’t prove it was wolves but everything doesn’t add up to coyotes.”
Lex’s husband Dan showed WAOW fresh wolf tracks on the property. The Lex farm is about six miles northwest of Birnamwood.
Each steer was worth $1,300.
The USDA conclusion that it was coyotes and not wolves means there will be no compensation for the farmers.
“We have lived out here for 40 years,” Lex said. “We have had coyotes around a lot. For that size of an animal to be taken down, it doesn’t make sense.”

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