Saturday, March 12, 2016

ID officials request more money to kill #wolves by @Defenders of Wildlife

Noble Wolf, © Larry Gambon

This week, Idaho politicians approved a request for $400,000 to kill wolves in Idaho next year. This funding would renew the controversial wolf control board for a third consecutive year. Implemented by Governor Otter in 2014, the wolf control board requested $400,000 per year for five years to drive Idaho’s wolf population down as low as possible.

Throwing money at lethal control programs without even considering effective non-lethal options for keeping wolves away from livestock makes absolutely no sense! And many such programs do exist. Working with ranchers, Defenders has pioneered many practical solutions to help livestock and wolves coexist, and helped create partnerships to deliver those solutions – for example the Wood River Wolf Project in central Idaho –uses proven, effective nonlethal deterrents like fladry, range riders, electric fencing and guard dogs to help protect livestock and build social acceptance for wolves. Help us continue to fight for wolves.


Catalina Tresky, Communications Associate

Catalina focuses on issues tied to federal/public lands, wildlife refuges and renewable energy siting, as well as those related to a myriad species throughout California, Oregon and the Southwest.