Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Genetically Valuable Wolf Shot in Sweden TY @proudvegan

March 15, 2016 | Peter Peuker
The National Administration of the Swedish province of Jämtland shares today (15.03.2016) that a wolf was shot down in the morning, who was, in January, in the eastern part of the province and protected from hunting.
This wolf was a descendant of Tiveden Wolf pair. Both parents are from the Finnish-Russian population and therefore these wolves are genetically very valuable for the severely affected inbred Scandinavian wolf population.
According to the Swedish Predator Association, a helicopter and a shotgun were used in the hunt. The use of the shotgun is not uncommon in hunting wolves and is used if the circumstances do not allow for a safe shot of a ball gun.
Prior to the knowledge of the genetic origin of the wolf, the National Administration, on Thursday, 10 March, made the request of the Environmental Protection Agency Sweden to anesthetize the animal and relocate it from the reindeer herding areas.  

The Environmental Protection Agency considered that there are two more wolves in the country, which were not related to the Scandinavian wolves and that a relocation of this wolf for the sake of genetics was not necessary.
Because this wolf caused great damage in the reindeer herding area, the state administration took a quick decision to protect the herd.
Now the reindeer breeders can begin extensive work, collect their scattered flocks again--ao says Ruana Burman, head of the Conservation Department at the National Administration.
1. Update, Tuesday night: The predator Association informed us that the wolf was not shot with a shotgun, but with a bullet gun. This made the shooting conditional.
2. Update, Tuesday, 22 pm: On his FB page the Swedish predator Association, Svenska Rovdjursföreningen reports that seven descendants of immigrant Tiveden Wolf couple, out of a litter of nine, are now dead. None of the genetically important offspring of the couple has been reproduced in the Swedish-Norwegian population.
(Note: From past experience, the relocated wolves from the reindeer herding areas returned there to the southern parts of the country where they were captured. Relocation has only been successful once, in 2013 and that was a wolf pair from the region of Tornedalen. The action took place during the mating season, where the wolves remained and where they had their pups.)

Source: Länsstyrelsen Jämtland läns, 03/15/2016
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