Friday, March 25, 2016

Wolf Plays with Dog Toy in Prince Rupert Backyard

A Prince Rupert woman has captured on video a wolf doing something you would normally see a dog doing!

Meaghan Brooke took to social media to upload the video of a wolf that wandered into her backyard and began playing with one of her dog’s toys. The wolf looks like a big puppy as it plays with the toy and runs around the yard, giddy with joy.

Brooke was on her deck when she noticed the animal in her yard, but moved inside after numerous stare downs had her fearing for her safety. The wolf stayed in the yard for about 10 minutes according to Brooke, before moving onto its next destination, with its new toy of course.
The video has now been shared hundreds of times on social media as people watch in awe as the wolf seemly just has a fun day in Prince Rupert.

 See the video here!