Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wolf shot on Saturday afternoon in Lieto, South-West Finland TY @proudvegan

Saturday 19.03.2016 

Police, as well as game management associations had been recently contacted about a local wolf. The wolf moved to a settlement nearby.
Ville Suni, a resident of Piikkiö, encountered a wolf on Saturday, just before day's end. The wolf walked midday into the middle of residential areas.
- "It was a pretty damn big blob, which just appeared. The wolf was not afraid, but yes, it seemed to be quite panicked," Suni told Iltalehti.

The wolf did not seem to be afraid of people at all, because according to the police it came as only  five meters away from the man. Thus, the animal was considered to pose a risk to human safety, and it was killed under the Police Act, Section 2:16.
- "There are a lot of families with children and also, joggers. People have apparently been quite frightened," Suni said.
The dead 40-pound male wolf will be sent to Evira for further investigation.
The wolf was not afraid of cars all day Saturday and weaved between them. (SOFIA Elomaa)
Susi liikkui todella lähellä asutusta Piikkiössä.
The wolf moved really close to residential areas Piikkiö. (VILLE SUNI)
Kaadettu urossusi painoi noin 40 kiloa.
Poured into the male wolf weighed about 40 pounds. (VILLE SUNI)