Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Howling for Wolves" announces their 2016 Legislative Priorities

By Newsroom Staff

March 23, 2016 
 St. Paul, MN ( -- The "Howling for Wolves" group announced their 2016 Legislative Priorities at the capital today. The priorities for the groups "Wolf Day 2016" included removing wolf hunting from Minnesota Law, advancing trapping reforms, and supporting state and federal funding for nonlethal methods for preventing wolf-livestock conflicts.

The group's goal is to support Minnesota's gray wolf population and help communities and wolves co-exist. "The majority of Minnesotans want to see wolves protected for future generations and we think that what we're asking for is reasonable and we certainly want to support farmers by providing for them support for prevention methods, non-lethal methods, there are grants that could be applied for. That support is out there if they're willing to ask for it," said Founder and President of Howling for Wolves, Maureen Hackett.

More than 200 wolf activists gathered at the capitol to meet with state legislators.