Thursday, August 7, 2014

Poll: Do you think plans for the 40 'Wolves Wolves' sculptures will be good for Wolverhampton?

August 4, 2014 

Up to 40 giant 6ft sculptures could soon be placed by Molineux, the Grand Theatre, Civic Hall and St Peter's Church, with local stars such as Denise Lewis and Suzi Perry earmarked to get involved and decorate them.
After a few months, the sculptures would then be sold off for charity.
In Bristol, where dozens of Gromits from the animated TV series attracted 900,000 tourists, they sold for £2.3 million at auction. An economic boost of £7m is predicted for Wolverhampton.
And if that sounds wildly optimistic, then figures seen in other parts of the country back it up.
Norwich did elephants and the city's John Lewis store was the busiest in the country during the last week the sculptures were standing. Sandwich shop Pret a Manger reported a 16 per cent increase in sales purely because they sponsored one of the elephants.
During the Pride of Northampton project - lions, obviously - an extra 25,000 people descended on the town on the first day. And businesses reported an increased turnover of 14 per cent during the 10-week project. Council bosses in the town said the impact of positivity and civic pride generated would be felt for years to come.

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