Friday, August 22, 2014

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Help Secure a Future for Mexican Gray Wolves
  • author: Center for Biological Diversity
  • target: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • signatures: 5,588
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After a dangerously close brush with extinction, Mexican gray wolves were reintroduced to New Mexico and Arizona in 1998. But they haven't yet been able to regain their footing in the wild.

Stigmatized by ranchers, trapped and shot by the government, and starved of new genetic material by federal reluctance to release wolves from captivity, the wolves today number just 83, with only five breeding pairs.

Fortunately the Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to release more Mexican gray wolves into a bigger area in coming years which will help address the genetic crisis and allow them to roam more freely. But the agency plans to couple those reforms with more loopholes allowing wolves to be killed under more circumstances.

Urge the Service to adopt a modified version of its proposal, which would give the wolves more room but not subject them to increased killing. And tell the agency these wolves must be able to recolonize the Grand Canyon and southern Rockies for recovery to be successful.