Sunday, August 24, 2014

Traveling wolf pack comes to the New York State Fair

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - A new exhibit this year called 'Wolves of the World' at the New York State Fair features the only traveling wolf pack in the nation.

"They will see wolves doing natural behaviors, and doing things they want to do," says Michael Sandlofer, co-owner of the exhibit. "If everybody could understand how the pack of wolves work, to see the love, the respect, they have for another, wolves don't need our confidence -- they may look like a dog but they're not dogs. They respect each other and the job they do in the pack."

Co-owners Michael and Sharon Sandlofer have rescued all of their wolves from illegal fur farms that raise wolves for two years and kill them, or illegal breeders who want to get rid of their wolves.

The Sandlofer's have 16 wolves. Most recently, they rescued a 10-week-old wolf named Lobo, from a breeder in Virginia. Children can take their photo with Lobo for $10-dollars at the NYS Fair.

In the video above, NewsChannel9's Rachel Polansky takes us inside the cage.