Sunday, August 17, 2014

Watermill Wolves and top models fur-ever friends

Kate Moss with the Watermill Wolves summer 2014 SUS-140814-091923001
Kate Moss with the Watermill Wolves summer 2014 SUS-140814-091923001
Local Wolf Acting team, the Watermill Wolves, bought some of the worlds top models to heel when they posed for a photo shoot for fashion mag Vogue. 

Mister Wolf and his mum Summer feature in the September issue of Vogue alongside top international model, Lara Stone.

Headed by trainer Natalie Lagstrom of Naturally Pets, the Watermill Wolves spent two days in London shooting for the fashion feature. Natalie said the Wolves are naturals. ”Mister Wolf and his mummy Summer love performing – they can’t wait to step in front of the camera! They’re real socialites and love the attention.

“Although many top models have worked with animals before, it’s rare that they get to ‘mix and mingle’ with their four-legged co-stars but our British Lupine ‘wolfies’ are so well trained and socialised, they actually perform better if they feel ‘part of the team’! It’s important they can form a real connection with the model if they’re to produce a good shot, and Lara Stone was a natural with them from the start!”

Kate Moss styled the shoot, and Natalie said she was excited to meet the wolves. “I think Mister Wolf fell in love with Kate – he couldn’t take his eyes (or his nose!) off her! It’s rare he’s ‘star-struck’ – in the past he’s worked with Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and survival expert Bear Grylls, but Kate Moss is the very definition of a living Icon! “She was very gracious about the attention, even agreeing to pose with him so he could have a picture for his bedroom wall back home!’

Get ‘up close and personal’ with the Watermill Wolves at the Naturally Pets Fun Dog Show on Sunday August 31. Further details at: