Friday, August 15, 2014

Letters needed for #RedWolves!

Letters needed for red wolves!
posted by Janet Hoben
August 15, 2013

PLEASE help us walk the long walk for red wolves by sending a LETTER in support of the Red Wolf Recovery Program (RWRP)! The 60-day program review is underway. The decision about the future of the RWRP will come in October. The USFWS Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta and the USFWS Director in Washington, DC need to know that the red wolf has legions of supporters. A LETTER is BETTER than an email! Write to:

Cynthia Dohner, Southeast Regional Director
USFWS Southeast Regional Office
1875 Century Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30345

Dan Ashe, Director
1849 C Street NW Room 3331
Washington, DC 20240

Tell them you support the continuation of the Red Wolf Recovery Program and why (tell them your reasons!) and that you support the effort to find 2 more reintroduction sites for the red wolf as mandated by the Red Wolf Recovery Plan under the Endangered Species Act.

Thank you for your support of red wolves.


(Photo credit: Mill Mountain Zoo)