Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Efforts to preserve extremely endangered Mexican wolves are being realized!

25 Aug, 2014
On April 21, 2014, WildEarth Guardians sealed a pioneering deal with a rancher to voluntarily (and permanently) retire his grazing permit. Cattle will be removed from nearly 50 square miles of the Gila National Forest, meaning more space for the endangered Mexican wolf to roam free and thrive.

To complete this first historic grazing retirement, WildEarth Guardians raised hundreds of thousands (paid to the rancher). WildEarth Guardians has another permit retirement agreement signed and is collaborating with other ranchers in the Greater Gila Bioregion to voluntarily waive their grazing privileges.

Please read more about this exciting approach to overcome long-standing challenges between domestic livestock grazing and environmental protection, recreation and other uses of public lands by clicking here. Please also view the short video regarding this unique and exciting approach to conservation (and how you can help) by clicking here