Friday, August 29, 2014

Save the MI wolves; a reader's view

Thursday, August 28, 2014, 12:15 pm
To the editor:

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is a coalition of Michigan citizens such as Native Americans, wildlife scientists, veterinarians, hunters, farmers and everyday Michigan citizens trying to protect our very fragile wolf population — about 623 on last count.

After successfully stopping the wolf hunt and putting the vote on the 2014 ballot, Michigan politicians passed another measure, PA21, taking the power to vote away from the people.

We are currently circulating a petition in an attempt to place a referendum for PA21 on the ballot. Just today, I heard we have enough signatures. So please vote to save the wolves.

My next concern is about the wild rumors about the wolf attacks on dogs and livestock. When I lived up in the Traverse Bay area, people were having trouble with coyotes coming on their property and taking pets and livestock. A lot of those people swore that they were wolves. Well, there are no wolves in Lower Michigan. So people in the Upper Peninsula are probably making the same mistake. Wolves do all they can to avoid human contact. Coyotes are much bolder and very brave, so it’s more likely to be coyotes than wolves.

To better understand wolves and how they live, try to get this book at the library or bookstore: Its name is “Never Cry Wolf.” I don’t remember the author but it is a true story. Good reading, also.