Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Top Ten Sickest Anti-Wolf Quotes from the CBD

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The Wolf Derby of Death is back, and we need your help to fight it.

This past winter a group called "Idaho for Wildlife" put on a gory festival of wolf and coyote killing called the "Predator Derby." Pitched as a family-friendly weekend of wholesome slaughter, the derby was a sickening display of predator bloodlust. They didn't bag any wolves last year, but the 21 coyotes they killed only made them more determined, and they just announced that it’s back on this winter. As one local told a reporter last season, "gut-shoot every goddamn last one of them wolves."

This is the kind of hatred the Center faces every day on the front lines of the wolf wars. No doubt this animosity is fueled by politicians like Idaho Gov. Butch Otter -- who famously declared when wolf hunting was legalized that he wanted to shoot the first one himself. After a lawsuit by the Center and allies, Otter's administration abandoned plans to hire a professional wolf killer this winter in the Frank Church Wilderness, but we still have a lot of battles to fight and win with your help.

Your donation to the Predator Defense Fund will allow us to take on the killers with every tool in our legal arsenal and save more wolves from traps, hunters and gunners-for-hire.

Gov. Otter isn't alone in his abhorrent sentiments, nor is this madness limited to Idaho. Every day at the Center, we're targeted by the rabid haters of predator species. It's hard to even express how poisonous these sentiments are, so I asked our organizers to list the 10 worst anti-wolf quotes they've heard. No doubt we'll hear even more hysteria as we take action with your support through the Predator Defense Fund:

10. "Wolves are wildlife terrorists." -- Ron Gillett of the Central Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition

9. "Shoot, shovel and shut up!" -- Zachery H. via Facebook

8. "They need to send these Mexican wolves back to Mexico!" -- Unknown, screamed at our Southwest Conservation Advocate

7. "We think they should be shot on sight." -- Marcia Armstrong, chair of the Siskiyou County, Calif., Board of Supervisors

6. "Whatever liberal idiots did this to us should be tarred and feathered. Dead wolves are good wolves." -- Wiley S. via Facebook

5. "Last week Hondurans, this week wolves." -- Michael A. in response to a story about the expansion of the Mexican gray wolf habitat

4. "I LOVE wolves. I try to smoke a pack a day." -- Jason D. via Facebook

3. "I'd put the tanned hide right on the wall nest [sic] to my bobcat, coyote, skunk, red fox, gray fox, beaver, deer, alligator, prairie dog, brown trout and field mouse." -- Ty B. via email

2. "Your wake-up call just got a donation from me... to the National Rifle Assocation [sic]" -- Joe C. via email

1. "The introduction of Canadian wolves into the Northwest was a criminal conspiracy by a bunch of pot-smoking, wine-sucking, vegetarian lawyers to end blood sports and ranching on public land... I want to see these people in prison for the rest of their lives." -- Montana gubernatorial candidate Bob Fanning

And a bonus: "I hope the plane goes down." -- Doug S. responding to a story about orphaned Alaskan wolf pups being adopted by the Minnesota Zoo.

So now you see what we have to shovel through every day. Please help the Center for Biological Diversity to stand up for wolves and other species with a donation today, or become a sustaining member to fund our work year-round.

For the wild,
Kierán Suckling
Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

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