Monday, February 1, 2016

Wolf Management Tactics From Fish, Wildlife & Parks

January 25, 2016,

(MTN News-HELENA) Research completed by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks confirmed that when dealing with wolves that prey on livestock, the more aggressive the better.

Biologists monitor wolf activity by tracking about 25 wolves with collars.  This year, wolf depredations on livestock have decreased.  To keep those numbers down, killing wolves earlier actually prevents more killing in the future. “Teach them that being around livestock, or depredation on livestock, is not a good thing and take some of those wolves out that have learned that behavior, it’s good,” said FWP Communications Director, Ron Aasheim.

Aasheim also says that at the end of 2014, the wolf population was 70 less than 2013 and the numbers are getting closer to a balance.
  • Reporter: Mikenzie Frost