Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Petition to the Ambassador of Armenia--Expel this soldier for abusing a wolf (please sign & share)

María Díez Sariegos, Spain

This Armenian soldier has appeared in a video  where he cruelly mistreats a wolf.
The incident occurred in a village in Armenia. It shows how he hit the wolf with a stick on the head, and then dragged it around town. Residents of the village witnessed the scene. 
Fellow soldiers laughed and recorded the entire event. At the end of the 4 minute video, the animal is tied to a brick and left to die in agony. 
This cruel act was commited by a law enforcement officer. The soldiers, as watchdogs, should have been an example of compassion and goodwill and without a doubt, should haved used other means to solve a problem, if the animal was causing a problem. They could have alerted the authorities responsible for wildlife and they would have acted differently.
Please pray that the incident is investigated and the person responsible for such abuse is expelled from service. 
This is the video of this horrific event:

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