Friday, February 12, 2016

Please sign for the #Wolves in #Spain TY @proudvegan

A NEW petition has been brought to my attention. The wolves of Spain need your help. The petiton reads, as follows: 

Do not let them kill wolves south of the Duero (mountainous area). 

The Castilla and Leon has announced their intentions to kill 4 wolves south of the Duero River (two on and two in Avila Salamanca), yielding again to the pressure from certain farmers. 

This decision was taken despite the fact that in this area the species is strictly protected by the Habitats Directive and the Spanish law, which only allows capture of wolves in exceptional circumstances that are scientifically supported and provided there is no viable alternative.

(Note: the petition is in the upper right hand corner. Fill in for your name, email address, country of origin, which has a drop down menu, and then your phone number. Click the Actúa
link at the bottom and you're done!)