Saturday, February 20, 2016

Careful wolf, Italian government shotguns are still pointed at you!


The Chamber of Deputies approved odg M5S, in which the government agrees to ban the killing of wolves, but the large predator remains at risk.


The wolf is still at risk. In fact,  the new Wolf Conservation Plan which entails that the Ministry of Environment legalizes the killing of 5% of the wolves on the Italian territory continues to be discussed. Yesterday the House of Representatives, an order of the M5S odg was approved  by which the Government undertakes to "monitor the population of the wolf, apply the five-year plan of action for the conservation of species, and prohibits the slaughtering of wolves." Good news, right?

"Absolutely not," says Nino Morabito, Wildlife manager of Legambiente, "because the agenda is not the law; it is a statement of commitment to the future by the government but to be effective we need a regulatory act. For today, the situation remains the same. " This statement was also confirmed by Chiara Gagnarli, a spokesman for wildlife. "M5S odg involves only the government; unfortunately, the wolves are still at risk and that's why we will continue to monitor developments. In short, the hypothesis for the killing of wolves is still standing, fueled by misinformation that continues to this day."

"Unfortunately,  the topic of large predators, and in particular, the wolf, continues to be the subject of  bad information," continues Morabito. "There is talk of possible aggression to humans, when in Italy the last cases happened in  the early 800's. Today the wolf, when it  meets  man, runs and even abandons prey. The wolf sees man only as a big threat."


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