Friday, February 19, 2016

#SosLupo, WWF petition to stop the legalized slaughter of Italy's wolves - VIDEO


By Emiliano Moccia

 ROME - Wolves are endangered. Although they are a protected species, every year poachers brutally kill about 300 of these animals with rifles, poison and/or wire laces. Now, the future of wolves is in the hands of the State-Regions Conference who, in March, will decide whether to authorize legal wolf culls in our country by at least sixty wolves. In its latest version, the draft of the "Conservation Plan and Wolf Management" provides for exceptions that will authorize the removal of  5% of the wolf population estimated to exist in Italy.

Therefore, in light of this data,  WWF recently launched #soslupo petition that demands that " Gian Luca Galletti, the Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea, and Stefano Bonaccini, the President of the Conference of the Regions,  to not grant exemptions on the ban to remove wolves from the wild, as stated in the "Plan." 

Moreover, "... the wolf is a species which is protected by national and international laws due to the historical persecution by man and the enormous impact this persecution has had on the species. The species is now in clear recovery, but the wolf can not be considered out of danger in the country due to the persistence of threats such as hybridization with the dog, poaching, collisions with vehicles and diseases such as distemper."  

On the contrary, in the petition the environmental organization is asked to "increase the fight against poaching by increasing penalties and neutering stray dogs to prevent  hybridization with the wolf, ensure timely and full compensation of the damage suffered by the farmers, and finally, implement a serious and constant campaign for the protection of the wolf. "

Additionally, in a letter signed by president, Donatella Bianchi, WWF Italy called on all Italian Regions "to ask for a deferral to final approval of the Plan proposed by the Ministry and to work together with the agricultural association and the scientific world to save present and future generations of wolves in Italy. The WWF predicts that critical local situations will prompt the killing of wolves and that this action ensures only an illusory and temporary reduction of damage to livestock, and therefore will neither solve the problem nor appease the discontented farmers.

The slaughter of  60 wolves each year will likely exacerbate rather than solve the problem of predation of domestic animals. A letter was sent to the meeting of the joint boards of the National Biodiversity Strategy with the Regions and asked the General Directorate of the Ministry for the Protection of Nature for a technical discussion of the text of the new "plan," which was drawn up in collaboration with the Italian Zoological Union (UZI) and ISPRA. At the time we had already gathered 25,000 signatures.  

This invitation is to the followers of the WWF to sign and ' say "no" to the legal slaughter of even one wolf and say "yes" to firm actions against poaching.  


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