Monday, February 29, 2016

New wolves for Dundee's Camperdown Wildlife Centre

  • 02.29.2016
Two European wolves will make Camperdown Wildlife Centre in Dundee their new home, the zoo has announced.
Staff at the centre are hopeful that the wolves, which arrive on Tuesday, will contribute to the European breeding programme.
The wolves will initially be screened from the public to allow them to settle into their enclosure.
The female was born at the Highland Wildlife Park in 2013 and the male born in 2012 in the Netherlands.
The centre will be closed to the public on Tuesday but reopens the following day.

'Really popular'

Camperdown zoo keeper Hannah Colgan said: "We're going to keep them screened and let them get used to their new enclosure and have the keepers monitor them and make sure they're settling in.
"I think wolves are a signature species for this particular park.
"Everyone always asks where the wolves are, they are really popular."
Miss Colgan said the wolves will replace two older female wolves who died last year..
She said: "We lost our two girls unfortunately just before Christmas, they were really quite old.
"We had to put them down because they had cancer and it was quite a sad time.
"We had the enclosure empty so we thought we'd look for some new wolves
"We found these ones which are really good for our genetic pairing and breeding programme."