Thursday, February 18, 2016

So much for the BC "humane" wolf cull...

So much for a "humane" cull

Pacific Wild
Feb 18, 2016 — The B.C. government insists their wolf cull is “humane”, but after today’s revelations, even they will have to admit that is untrue.

Thanks to the Wildlife Defence League, we have learned that every year of the cull, snipers let one collared wolf live. The orphaned wolf goes on to pack up with a new family, that the snipers return to kill the following year.

As if surviving the loss of one family is not traumatic enough, the wolf will be 'spared' again in the second cull, left to pack up with a new family that will also be killed the following year.

The cruelty of this approach is beyond comprehension.

Please help us spread the word to ensure everyone is 100% clear on the fact that the B.C. government’s cull is even more inhumane than previously imagined.




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B.C. govt hunters keep this wolf alive so they can kill others