Thursday, February 4, 2016

OR Representative Barreto is pushing to exit wolves in state

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The legislature short session is in full swing and one of the topics will be a bill coming into the Ag and Natural Resources Committee that would legislatively back the ODF&W’s commission decision to delist the grey wolf according to Representative Greg Barreto: “This is just part of the process of the wolf plan that everyone agreed to ten years ago. They agreed to the numbers, they agreed to the process, they agreed to the plan as it was written.”

That plan, according to Barreto, is in three phases. The first being reintroduction, the second is increasing the number and the third is management, but Representative Barreto says there’s one step that has to take place before the management phase can begin: “In order to get to that third phase, which we will be in in about a year based on numbers, then in order to manage the wolves they need to be delisted.”

Barreto says that the delisting is part of a process that everyone agreed to ten years ago as the plan was being written.

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