Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Muster your inner wolf-Call DC today! TY @HowlingforWolves

Muster your inner wolf - Call DC Today

Dear wolf advocate
“DEFENSE” is key to keeping the Endangered Species Act (ESA) intact and the gray wolf and other species protected by the lifeline that is the ESA.  Today, we are asking for you to muster your inner wolf and make phone calls to your US Senators’ DC offices. With our strong and relentless defense, wolf protections can stay in place. To use a sports’ analogy; we are forming a defensive wall by making these phone calls for the wolf and all species that need the ESA.  Remind your US Senators that federal wolf protection and the Endangered Species Act matter to you, their constituent.

Your message can be simple. Ask your US Senator to oppose amendments and bills that undermine the Endangered Species Act. Ask your senator to oppose legislation that removes protections for the gray wolf and other species and to oppose weakening federal agencies’ enforcement of the ESA. Tell your Senator that thoughtful scientifically informed policies are needed to protect species.  Call now: Senate Phone Numbers. Minnesotans, please call Senator Franken at (202) 224-5641.

Since our last email more amendments to delist the gray wolf and the Mexican gray wolf have been offered and may be attached to the energy bill that the Senate is currently debating (S. 2012, the  Energy Policy Modernization Act). These amendments can be stopped and you can help stop them by making a call to your US Senators.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee already attached an amendment to delist the gray wolf to S. 659, the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015 a few weeks ago.  While it is not known if this bill will be voted upon by the entire Senate, these new anti-wolf amendments now offered for the important energy bill are real threats to the wolf and the ESA. The anti-wolf crowd will not stop trying to achieve their goals of weakening the ESA and putting the gray wolf back on the path toward extinction.

But we are motivated too. Make the call for the wolf.  It is time to shore up our defense for the wolf: Senate Phone Numbers

The following are the anti-wolf amendments that have been offered on the Energy Policy Modernization Act:
  • Johnson- SA 3033 Removes ESA protections for the wolf in the Great Lakes region and Wyoming.
  • Flake- SA 3164 Appears to force delisting of Mexican gray wolves based on the old recovery plan.
  • Johnson-SA 3034 Prohibits endangered species listing for northern long-eared bats which have declined in 99% of their core range. We probably need to remind our senators that bats provide vital insect control such as removing mosquitoes.
  • Cornyn- SA 3027 Weakens the federal enforcement of the ESA by giving states and counties of where the species reside veto authority over the federal courts’ decisions to enforce the ESA.  Cornyn’s bill is complex and prevents citizens from enforcing ESA protections by imposing consent decrees and settlements and requiring agencies to do onerous and ill-defined processes of intervention and mediation.
As you can see, the anti-wolf and anti-ESA lawmakers are doing their best to destroy the Endangered Species Act and the wolf. It is time for our relentless defense to push back these destructive amendments and bills. Muster your inner wolf, call your US Senator now.  We need to stay strong for the wolf. Our senators do hear us when we call. Its time to call again.

Please call today!

   Howling For Wolves