Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meet the wolves at Reading conservation trust - picture special

Site manager and wolf handler Mike Collins gave getreading a walk around the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beemham

Nestled between Reading and Newbury there is a special trust which is home to 10 wolves.
UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham, Berkshire invited getreading reporter Mary Naylor to the centre for an exclusive walk around to meet the wolves.

Site manager and wolf keeper Mike Collins led the tour before he and senior handler Pat Melton then entered one of the enclosures to give the wolves a medical check and a good scratch.
Earlier in the year we went behind the scenes at the Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre in Reading.

Who will you meet at the wolf trust?

The trust is home to ten adult wolves, two pairs and two packs of three.
Torak and Mosi live together near the entrance to the site and are are mates.

Motomo and Mai live together in another enclosure. Mai is the sister of Mosi and Motomo is her mate.
He is an unsocialised male and is not as familiar with humans as the rest of the wolves are.
Mai and Motomo are the parents of a trio known as 'The Beenham Pack'.
Nuka, Tala and Tundra are siblings who were all raised on site and are comfortable enough around staff for them to get in the enclosures and give the Beenhams a good scratch.
The Trust is also home to three huge Arctic wolves, Sikko, Massak and Pukak who were rehomed from Parc Safari in Quebec where they were born in a huge snow storm which nearly killed them.

UK Wolf Conservation Trust, Butler farm, Beenham.
These three were the first arctic wolves to ever live in the UK. They are also noticably bigger than the rest of the wolves at the Trust as Arctic wolves are the largest sub species of wolf.