Monday, June 29, 2015

Please help monitor bear hounding dogs hunting wolves in WI

By Rachel Tilseth, the founder of the Wolves of Douglas County, Wisconsin
Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin was created in 2012 in the memory of the Alpha female named, White Eyes. I tracked this wolf pack for a dozen winters. White Eyes was always very protective of her pups. There were several times when she was forced to defend them against packs of free roaming bear dogs. Bear hounding dogs always lost the fight against White Eyes's motherly instinct because their handlers ignored warnings.

 Warnings put out on DNR websites alerting bear hounders where wolf pups were kept (called rendezvous sites). Hounders were and still are reimbursed for their dogs, $2,500 per dog killed by wolves in the pursuit of bear dog training and bear hunting. Wolf pups are 4 to 5 months old and still vulnerable during July and August when Bear hounders run dogs through the north woods of Wisconsin.

White Eyes was a victim of a vehicle collision in 2009 but there are 2 survivors, with hopefully new pups, left of her family pack. It will take all of us to honor White Eyes's memory by working together.

Who will join me in July and August to monitor hounders? Email me at


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Photograph used with permission of photographer Ron Niebrugge