Sunday, June 14, 2015

Important News from Howling for Wolves!

Just this week, bill language was introduced in a large budget bill that strips federal protections for wolves in the Great Lakes region (which includes Minnesota) and Wyoming. This language not only delists wolves, but also eliminates any future judicial review.

The wolf needs you to make calls and tell the members of the subcommittee that crafted this anti-wolf language to reverse their course and keep wolves protected, and leave the Endangered Species Act intact. We must speak for the wolf, make calls and tell them to remove wolf language in the appropriations bill that removes federal protection for wolves.

Call the members of the subcommittee today and tell them you think this stinks! We need to raise a stink in Washington to convey how damaging their actions are. After calling the committee members, use the links above to also email your thoughts to the elected officials and demand that they remove this anti-wolf language before the full committee passes this budget bill.

Let's tell our officials in Washington we are fighting for the wolf and her pack.

Howling For Wolves will continue with our advocacy efforts to protect all wolves and keep our supporters informed. Next we'll target the full appropriations committees in the House and Senate which are rapidly working to delist wolves. Your calls are heard and are an effective way to get our Washington officials’ attention.

As always, your continued help and support is essential to our success.