Friday, June 12, 2015

Don't Feed Wildlife (and here's why!)

New Post from Rachel Tilseth, The Wolves of Douglas County, Wisconsin

Don't feed wildlife...

Minnesota DNR reports live traps set to catch 20 wild wolves because of depredations on pets. Read full story here:…/3726049-wolves-trapped-a… As humans move into wilderness areas encounters with native wild animals can occur. Wild deer move through these suburban areas feeding off of feeders full of all sorts of treats. As deer more into feed so do wild carnivores, such as wolves. Here are several tips to follow if you live in wilderness areas.

*Do not feed the wild animals. Birds, deers, squirrels and other wildlife will find their own food.

*Do not leave your pets food outside. It will only attract wild animals such as raccoons and skunks and this can turn out badly for the wildlife.

*Keep your pets with you on a leash when you go out walking on a trail on public lands. Never allow your dog to roam ahead or off the leash. Wild carnivores such as wolves are territorial and defend its home from any other carnivore, and face it your pet dog is a domesticated carnivore.

These tips will save a life, lives of wild animals such as wolves or pets and prevents conflicts between wolves and domesticated dogs.

For more tips on safety in wolf country…/
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