Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wolf Activists: Wisconsin Advocacy in full swing


Wolf activists are in full swing calling for WI wolves to be re- listed as an endangered species. Recent events in this year’s WI wolf hunt show that WDNR has created a climate full of hostility towards wild wolves.

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Another advocacy education organization is calling for wolves to be resisted


Timber Wolf Information Network

Timber Wolf Information Network participated as one of the scientists, Dick Thiel signed a letter call for wolves to be re-listed because of faulty numbers from the WDNR.

Read full story here WI: Some Scientists Want Wisconsin’s Wolves Relisted As Endangered

Adrian Treves one of the co signers stated:

“Treves’ view changed during the winter of 2013-2014 when, he maintains, the methods changed. “Those methods for counting wolves changed substantially and they changed in a way that made them not transparent and not open to public scrutiny or scientific scrutiny,” he says.”
Treves furthers states:

“Treves and his fellow co-signers are calling for a temporary emergency relisting of wolves as endangered to allow an independent team of scientists to review the status of the population since an annual hunt launched in Wisconsin three years ago.”


Adrian Treves is one of the scientists at the Carnivore Coexistence Lab that’s part of the Gaylord Nelson Institute located in Madison WI

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Another way to support WI’s wild wolves please donate to Great Lakes Wolf Patrol at GoFundMe