Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Protesters gather to fight dog usage in wolf hunt

Posted Oct 16, 2014
Standing outside of the Capitol steps, protestors gathered Wednesday to oppose wolf hunting practices in Wisconsin.

The activists tried to raise awareness about the recreational and trophy hunting of wolves, focusing on the consequences that come along with the sport.

Melissa Smith, an activist against the hunt, warned of the misguided intentions behind Legislature that focuses on capitalist progression rather than scientific backing during the enacting of this law.Business interests were put in place of scientists and people who are experts,” Smith said. “The [Wolf Advisory] committee is stacked with interest groups that are not wolf-friendly.”
Raising awareness and informing the public on these matters was deemed most important to the protesters, who have fought within every boundary of activism. Smith said the approach is a “three-way” method: legal, Legislative and public outcry. They are not going to back down and are trying to make that a message to the state legislator, she said.
Some politicians have joined the battle to end wolf hunting as well. 

Democratic Rep. Brett Hulsey, District 78, was among the protesters outside the Capitol. Hulsey was accompanied by his dog, Penny, in an effort to promote awareness and understanding of the number of participating dogs that are killed during wolf hunts.I’m a hunter but I just think it’s immoral to hunt wolves with dogs. What we’ve seen is 47 dogs killed wolf hunting in the last three years,” Hulsey said. “The state has spent over $100,000 to compensate these wolf hunters for their dead dogs.”
Weighing in on who is to blame for the treatment of wolves and dogs, Hulsey pointed to his opposition. He said he believes right-wing Republican lobbyists and contributors have been paid to get the bill passed.

Though he is not running for re-election, Hulsey said he is going to continue to work to outlaw the “inhumane practice” that has become an integral part of the hunting in Wisconsin. We shouldn’t be hunting wolves period because [they] make the deer herd healthier and protect the ecosystem,” he said. “We shouldn’t be hunting wolves and dogs because that’s just leading the dogs to slaughter … This is state-sponsored dog fighting where the dogs always lose.”