Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ranchers in eastern Oregon want more precise info on location of wolves

The Associated Press By The Associated Press

on October 11, 2014
CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Ranchers in eastern Oregon say they want to have more precise information on the location of wolves, which has conservation groups worried about the increased threat of poaching.

The East Oregonian reports the request came Friday before the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission in Central Point.

ODFW already tracks and shares the location of GPS-collared wolves with livestock producers. The data places wolves within one of several pre-defined geographic areas, but does not tell ranchers where exactly the predators have been.

Ranchers say that's not enough; they need the wolves' pinpoint location to better protect livestock, chase wolves out of the pasture, and find dead or injured cows quickly.

Environmental groups say issuing precise locations could be a road map for poachers, especially in rural communities hostile toward wolves.