Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sanctuary is One of the Last Safe Havens for Texas Wolves

15-year-old wolf Mystery is the founding animal of St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary. (Photo courtesy of St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary). Many of the wolves that could once be found roaming across Texas are now gone. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says gray wolves, for instance, were once found over the western two-thirds of the state. Today, no gray wolves remain in Texas. A sanctuary Northwest of Houston is one of the last places you’ll be able to find wolves in the state. St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a nonprofit that’s been caring for wolves-and their close relatives, the wolfdog-since 2002.

As Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin reports, the sanctuary seeks to be more than just a safe haven for these animals.


Big Boy: Wolfdog Big Boy is Mystery’s companion. He was rescued from an Alaskan roadside attraction where he and other wolfdogs were kept on short chains and exhibited to tourists. (Photo courtesy of St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary). 
Duchess is the other pure wolf here. Staff members say she has a special preference for being doted on by her favorite humans. (Photo courtesy of St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary). 
Ambassador Tala
Wolfdog Tala is one of two ambassadors visitors can meet at St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary. 
Texas Wolfdog Project
A few minutes away from St. Francis is the Texas Wolfdog Project, where many of these animals are waiting to be adopted out. (Photo courtesy of Texas Wolfdog Project).