Monday, October 13, 2014

Too much money involved in hunting wolves

21 hours ago

Letter to the Editor:

While I live in an area where there are no wolves, I consider myself to be an intelligent person and have done extensive research (from different points of view) on wolves.

Wolves are an integral part of nature and they have their specific “jobs” to keep nature in balance. These are not bloodthirsty wanton killers as some cattle associations and hunting associations would like everyone to believe. All a person has to do is read and educate themselves, as well as putting aside their hatred to learn about wolves and wolf packs. These family units are strictly supervised by the alpha pair, who keep packs small when their natural prey is in short supply. With ranchers grazing their animals on public land it stands to reason that they will run into wolves. Wolves don’t go looking for domestic animals for food intentionally – the domestic animals are brought right to them.

Very few ranchers even try to use non-lethal methods for protecting their animals. Hunters look for their trophies – whether it’s a wolf or any other animal that will bring them awe from their friends.

There’s just too much money involved when it comes to hunting and killing wolves. “Hunters” cause distress to pups knowing that the adults will come to help the pup in distress, and then the adults and the pups are slaughtered. “Hunters” go into protected areas to kill wolves. Humans have tried exterminating wolves in the past and found out that nature, the environment and even the domestic animals suffered because the balance was so far out of tune. This was why wolves were reintroduced.

It seems that we, as the intelligent species, didn’t learn from our mistakes because we’re making them all over again.

Thank you for allowing me to speak out on behalf of wolves.

DENISE KOBYLARZ, Pequannock, New Jersey