Doug Wiseman has hiked around Vee Lake, about 10 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, for years and says the pack has grown.
"I've had a couple of close encounters with them," Wiseman says.
"Wolves will normally stay away from people altogether, but they are opportunistic animals, they are hunters. And if they see the opportunity they're going to take it."
He says the wolves will take a loose dog.

"Wolves eat dogs here in town, you can see them in Frame Lake, Kam Lake.
"The pack will send in the female just to befriend the dog," he says. "Then she'll slowly make her way back to the pack and then when they get back to the pack, the dog is history. They'll eat the dog."
Wiseman says hikers should carry protection, such as a bear banger or bear spray, and keep their dogs on leashes as a precaution.