Sunday, January 31, 2016

AZ Citizens--Speak up for your Wolves!

wolf rally

Ask Legislators to Stop this Attack on Endnagered Wolves!

The Mexican gray wolf is a critically endangered, native wildlife species that once numbered in the thousands of animals throughout southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, western Texas, and northern Mexico. Its restoration is an opportunity to bring a natural balance and fully-functioning ecosystem back to the wild lands of the Southwest.

Scientific research has shown that the restoration of wolves can have a profoundly positive effect on the ecological health of the landscape. By culling the sick, old, and weak, wolves improve the overall health, vigor, and genetic integrity of elk and deer herds. Through a cascade of interactions, the presence of wolves has been shown to contribute to an increase in the diversity of life throughout entire ecosystems, even in plant communities.

Just 109 Mexican gray wolves remain in the wild today in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico. While their numbers have improved modestly in the past few years, they are still teetering on the brink of a second extinction in the wild. This is just one of many reasons to oppose bills that threaten the recovery of these highly endangered animals.

SB1243 Mexican wolf; G&F approval; reporting (Griffin, Donahue, Worsley, et al.) requires the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to approve any release of Mexican wolves. It also erects additional roadblocks to release, including requiring that a full DNA profile be provided prior to release. Requiring the Commission to approve any releases would result in further hindering the recovery of this animal as Game and Fish has been particularly hostile to wolf recovery in recent years and has opposed expanding the release areas or releasing any adult wolves, despite the fact that scientists have said we need more wolves in the wild now and we need them in places such as the greater Grand Canyon area. Read more about the Arizona Game and Fish Commission's efforts to sabotage wolf recovery here.

Please personalize and send the message. Ask your senator to oppose this attack on wolves and to vote NO on SB1243!