Sunday, January 17, 2016

Allowing killing of grizzlies, wolf cull, out of touch with public sentiment

Friday, Jan. 15: Oppose trophy hunt
January 14, 2016  
Despite B.C. residents’ almost unanimous opposition to the trophy hunt, the BC Liberals plan to triple the number of grizzlies allowed to be killed in the Peace region. Government estimates a “stable” population of 459 grizzlies in the area and wants to increase hunting licenses to allow 150 kills per year, up from 50. At the same time, they plan an open season on wolves, removing all seasonal restrictions and so-called “bag limits.”

This government is out of touch with the people. An Insights West poll last fall found only eight per cent of people in this province agree with trophy hunting and only two per cent were strongly in favour. Our government panders to the small but well-funded lobby of trophy hunters and does not question the morality of taking an animal’s life solely for personal pleasure. If our children kill animals for pleasure we are concerned for their mental health, but when adults do it, apparently it’s called “sport.”

Government has declared that the anti-trophy hunting sentiment exists only in urban centres, however, the Insights West poll found disdain for the practice is equally high in rural and urban areas.
In a world where 75 per cent of large carnivores are known to be in decline, we have in B.C. a quarter of the world’s remaining grizzlies and a very healthy ecotourism industry. Any one bear or wolf can be viewed and photographed unlimited numbers of times, but one hunter’s bullet is all it takes to end the life of that animal and its future contribution to the species.

I call on the people of B.C. to speak up for our beautiful, world renowned iconic wildlife. We have until January 31 to comment on this initiative in the Peace. Please contact the premier, Minister Steve Thomson and your MLA to let them know you do not condone trophy hunting.



Many thanks to @WolvesDouglasCo for the heads up!