Tuesday, January 12, 2016

AKWA updates for Klamath, Lake and Wallowa counties via ODFW

January 12, 2016

(OR25OR28, Shamrock)

In early November 2015, a 2-year-old radio-collared female wolf dispersed from the Mt Emily pack in Umatilla County. By Nov. 19, OR28 had arrived into the area she has continued to use in the Fort Rock and Silver Lake Wildlife Management Units (WMU) of Klamath and Lake County. ODFW has designated an Area of Known Wolf Activity (AKWA) and has evidence that at least one other wolf is using the area.

In December, OR25 left the AKWA he had been using, traveled south through Oregon and visited California. OR25 has now returned to the same area in Klamath County.

ODFW has designated a new AKWA for a pack in NE Oregon. The Chesnimnus pair previously used the Chesnimnus WMU in Wallowa County. In 2015, the pair denned in the Sled Springs WMU and has not returned to the Chesnimnus WMU. Moving forward the new pack will be named the Shamrock Pack.

AKWAs are created where and when wolves repeatedly use an area over time and become established. To help minimize potential wolf-livestock conflict, livestock producers are encouraged to use preventive measures within AKWAs. More information regarding preventative measures.