Sunday, August 2, 2015

Population Study of Wolves and Bears in Armenia

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Serda Ozbenian

The Story

Hello! My name is Serda and I'm a Fulbright fellow, currently in Armenia conducting research on wolves and bears. This is my second campaign on Indiegogo Life for this project. Thanks to many generous donors, my last campaign ( was very successful and I raised a total of $3,242, which is now being used to hire local guides. I now need funds to cover the costs associated with the lab analysis of biological samples I collect. Lab work is not cheap so I'd like to raise 10,000 before the end of my project (January) so I can analyze and write about the results.

The specific goal of my project is to estimate the relative density and abundance of wolves and bears to inform current (unsustainable) management practices. To date, no thorough wolf or bear population studies have been conducted in Armenia, so this will be the first of ...
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