Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wolf returns to Oldsmar area farm

10 News Staff, WTSP UPDATE: Akela the wolf has returned back to his enclosure.

He walked right into the enclosure with his brother around 6 a.m. on Thursday morning.
Tampa, Florida -- The Oldsmar area is on alert Wednesday afternoon after a wolf escaped from a petting zoo and farm off Racetrack Road.

For the last two days, the owners of HorsePower for Kids have been trying to track down his brother. They say the heavy rains flooded the pond on their property and washed away the dirt underneath the fence, allowing the wolf to escape. "We've been looking for him since Monday morning," says Armando Gort, founder of HorsePower for Kids, Inc.

But despite seeing him several times since then, we even saw him twice this morning, they still haven't been able to get him back in his pen. "It stays around here, but when we try to catch it, it runs away...his brother's in the pen, and so he keeps coming back because the brother calls him. They call each other," Gort says.

Gort says he's had the wolf since it was a few months old and is worried that if it gets too far away from the farm he might not make it back. "What I'm concerned about that, you know, in the neighborhoods somebody might shoot it if they see it or something."

Or that he might be put to sleep if a shelter takes him in. "He's not a mean animal. That's what I'm saying. If anybody sees him to call us if he runs away from here because yesterday he was gone all day and in the evening he came back."