Saturday, August 29, 2015

#Wolf News Weekly Wrap-up by @Defenders of Wildlife

Help protect the imperiled Archipelago wolf! The population of Archipelago wolves found on Prince of Wales Island, a remote island in southeast Alaska, has plummeted in recent years due to unsustainable old-growth logging and hunting. Recent studies have documented a 60 percent decline in Archipelago wolf numbers between 2013 and 2014. Despite this population crash, the federal government plans to allow subsistence hunting – a decision that may push the population to the edge of extinction. The subsistence hunting season for Archipelago wolves on Prince of Wales Island will open on September 1st unless the Federal Subsistence Board cancels the hunt. Take action – Demand that hunting of these unique and imperiled wolves be halted.

California Wolves Are Getting The Warm Welcome They Deserve: We updated you last week on the wonderful news that California is now home to a new resident wolf pack. And, what’s even better? Their return is receiving a warm welcome by residents and by media outlets alike. We were thrilled to read the LA Times excellent editorial, which ran earlier this week and touted wolves’ return as a huge conservation milestone. We know from our latest polling that 69% of residents support restoring wolves in the state and we’re building on this opportunity to forge new partnerships to help people and wolves co-exist in their new California home!

Say “No” to Congress’ War on Wildlife: Help Protect the Endangered Species Act
! As one of our nation’s bedrock environmental laws, the Endangered Species Act has prevented the extinction of almost 99 percent of all species under its protection. Yet, more than 80 bills, riders and amendments weakening the Act have already been proposed by this Congress. And, no less than 16 of these anti-ESA measures were adopted as riders or amendments to the FY16 House and Senate bills funding the Department of the Interior and other federal agencies. These measures attempt to block or remove protections for individual species and undermine key sections of the ESA – like making it significantly more difficult for citizens to bring government agencies to court for failing to follow the law. Help us by contacting your Representative and telling them to oppose the record number of anti-ESA proposals in Congress!

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