Sunday, August 16, 2015

AZGFD Meeting Results by @Defenders of Wildlife

Mexican gray wolf pup, © USFWSAZGFD Meeting: Last Friday, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission held a scheduled public meeting. Over 60 wolf supporters gathered at a rally in advance of the meeting, and 20 (including two girl scouts who spoke for their entire troop) were able to offer public comments expressing concern about the AZGFD’s (mis)management of lobos.

After public comment was taken, Chairman Davis of the commission introduced a motion to oppose all new adult Mexican wolf releases, and now only allow the director to approve up to six pups per year being released only by cross-fostering. Cross-fostering means moving pups born in captivity into a wild den, a technique which has proven successful only once. Unfortunately, Commissioner Zieler seconded the motion, and it was voted on unanimously by the commission. This vote continues a long pattern of obstructing the recovery of the lobo. The commission did not discuss or take action on Congressman Gosar and Congressman Pearce’s lobo extinction bill, but many people addressed it in their public comments.

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