Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Will Alberta kill wolves rather than stop habitat destruction?

wolf, caribou, Alberta, cull, conservation, habitatAfter killing nearly 1,000 wolves to protect endangered caribou, scientists announced culls would be little more than a stop-gap measure; the only true way to protect the herds would be through habitat protection.

Yet a recent report by the Canadian Press indicates that the province is continuing to lease land to energy and forestry companies – and they will have little choice but to keep on killing.

“Due to the extent of habitat change on many caribou ranges and the time required for habitat recovery, effective reductions in predation pressure on caribou populations is needed in the near-term, if caribou populations are to persist,” read one document obtained by the Canadian Press. “Many representatives of industrial companies currently assume that the Crown will extend this approach to other caribou ranges.”

This entire situation has been founded by the ineptitude of a government to separate the needs of industry from the needs of the country. Animals are dying – and entire populations are at risk – and the government’s only plan at this point is to keep killing.


Tell Alberta Minister of Environment Kyle Fawcett that killing more animals isn’t the way to save the caribou. Email Fawcett at esrd.minister@gov.ab.ca and tell him to listen to science and his constituents. Please forward any responses you receive to news@furbearerdefenders.com.


Dear MLA Fawcett,
It has become clear from those who are studying the caribou of Alberta that the only long-term solution for the protection of endangered and at-risk wildlife is an immediate halting of development in sensitive areas. Regardless of how many thousands of wolves are slaughtered, without land, the caribou herds cannot survive. Please listen to reason and stop the senseless killing of these sentient animals and look to real, ecological science for solutions. These decisions will be remembered at the next election.

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