Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An Important Message from #Howling for Wolves

Dear Wolf advocates:
We are delighted that wolves of the Great Lakes region are once again protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act. With federal protection, the reckless and unpopular wolf hunting and trapping seasons in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are now stopped.   In Minnesota alone, since 2012, when wolves were first removed from the endangered species list, over 1600 wolves have been killed or found dead; and these are only the known wolf deaths.  We have no doubts that federal protection for wolves is necessary.

You may wonder what Howling For Wolves is doing and why we are having a Wolf Day at the Minnesota state capitol on Feb. 5, 2015?  It is clear that wolves need us to ensure their future even now and especially at the Minnesota state capitol.  Minnesota supporters are receiving invitation emails, and you can RSVP from our website.

Wolves in Minnesota are the “source” population for the entire species in the lower 48. Their survival means the survival of the entire species.  Unfortunately, few safeguards are in place to protect wolves without the Endangered Species Act. During the previous 40 years of federal protections in Minnesota, non-lethal methods to prevent conflicts between wolves and livestock producers were not supported.  Livestock producers were given more support for killing wolves than for avoiding killing wolves.

You may have heard some of the myths that sound amplified since the new relisting; “too many wolves” or “wolves are a threat to livestock and pets”, or “they might harm our grandchildren”. These myths illustrate how much educational work is needed to secure the wolf’s future.  Even some lawmakers have fueled these misunderstandings, and have advocated to appeal the legal ruling and signaled their intentions to introduce new federal bills that remove federal protections for wolves.  Politicians owned by special interests are working to eliminate wolves from the Endangered Species Act and covertly eliminate wolves altogether. While we wish the endangered species legal decision was enough to protect the wolf; it is not enough.

Howling For Wolves will advocate for wolves and with your help we will work to: obtain support and incentives for using non-lethal methods for preventing wolf conflicts, demand better wolf data including more information about illegal wolf killing and finally, have the cruel wolf hunting methods of trapping and snaring eliminated. Our presence at the Minnesota capitol will show lawmakers and the governor that we want them to protect wolves.

We need wolf advocates to stay with us and support our efforts at all levels of government; federal, too. You can be most effective by staying in a conversation with your individual lawmakers.

Our new #LiveAndLetHowl campaign has received great submissions.  For some inspiration, check them out and while you are there, sign our new letter  to send a new message to Minnesota lawmakers and the governor. Stay tuned as we listen for federal actions to undermine the new ruling.

Only together, can we ensure a future for the wolf.


Maureen Hackett, MD
Founder and President
Howling For Wolves
January 13, 2015