Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Petition! Sign & RT! Tell Congress: Keep Your Hands Off Our #Wolves

Tell Congress: Keep Your Hands Off Our Wolves

Tell Congress: Keep Your Hands Off Our Wolves

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The Endangered Species Act requires science-based standards for adding or removing protections from a particular species, but recently Congress has used must-pass bills to dodge this process. These bills include unconnected provisions called riders that get forced through because the main legislation needs to be passed -- and now Congress has set its sights on gray wolves.

Lawmakers are attempting to strip wolves of their protections via this underhanded, anti-democratic process. We need your help to stop it.

Judges have repeatedly overturned rules stripping wolves of their federal protection -- with only 5 percent of suitable wolf habitat currently occupied and almost constant threats to their safety, these apex predators still desperately need the Act's protection to survive.

In places where wolves don't have protection, like Idaho and Montana, ruthless killing is decimating their populations. And these wolves lost protection in 2011 because of a rider attached to a budget bill -- we can't let that happen to the rest of America's wolves.