Saturday, January 10, 2015

#TWEETSTORM is coming @Your @Congressmen #KeepWolvesListed: Tuesday January 20, 2015 #storm all day 6a-6p

By Rachel Tilseth, the founder of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin
on January 3, 2015 
Big money, big hunt clubs are on the move to pressure congress to delist wolves nationwide and they don’t want that subject to judicial review.

Let’s make it very clear to Washington D.C. We want to keep the dirty politics out of the Endangered Species Act. Our rare and endangered resources are not a bargaining chip for big money!

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#TWEETSTORM is coming January 20, 2015 @congress #KeepWolvesListed

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Why this #TWEETSTORM @congress: the following is just one news article about big hunt clubs pressuring congress to delist wolves nationwide and to stop it from any judicial review …read the following quote from big hunt club:

“On Tuesday morning, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation sent a resolution to the media, basically saying that the court decision expecting wolves to be restored to their original range in the eastern U.S. before they can be delisted is bonkers.”

“They note that in 2011, to address similar situations involving state management of wolves in Idaho and Montana, Congress passed a law directing the Fish and Wildlife Service to reissue its rule delisting wolves and prohibited a judicial review of that rule.”

“The federation has now called for Congress to do the same for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.”

“Maybe that would end the cycle of federal court cases involving Wisconsin wolves.” Above cited From this article…
*If you are not on Twitter call you congressman: one phone call can make a big difference!