Monday, January 12, 2015

Tell Congress: Keep your hands off our #wolves! Here's how~

Center for Biological Diversity

Gray wolf
After losing in court, wolf opponents are now turning to Congress to do their dirty work. They plan to attach a provision to a must-pass bill -- that'll likely get approved without much debate -- that would strip Endangered Species Act protection for wolves.

We need your help to stop this disastrous plan in its tracks.

The consequences of this kind of congressional meddling would be deadly: Since wolves in six states lost federal protection four years ago, some 3,500 wolves have been killed by trappers, hunters and government agents.

If a new rider goes through, it will prematurely end decades of work to restore wolves to the American landscape and might even doom Mexican gray wolves to extinction. Wolves still only live in 5 percent of their historic range in the lower 48 -- they need help, not political interference.

Please take action now to tell your representatives it's not the job of Congress to take away Endangered Species Act protections. They must reject any rider that would remove wolves from the endangered list.

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