Friday, July 8, 2016

Wolf pups of the Astrakhan region, Russia

Wolf kindergarten

To remove wolves in the steppe - a rather complex matter. For this, we must have  time and patience. And as much as possible. It is possible that it is necessary in this case to tolerate some discomfort, and maybe even all sorts of hardships. But if you're a fan of extreme temperatures, mosquitoes, flies and midges - that's your job. Admittedly this is not a guarantee that it will be possible to photograph wolves, or even see just once.

Why such a long entry? And besides, that only on the sixth day, I realized that the wolves will not come to me that I do not like that.  
And so it turned out that the wolves were waiting for me ...)
The next three days I watched them and some pictures.

I propose to look at a few frames:
01. Under the supervision of "uncle", the cubs swim, indulge and play. They're children.

02. Eared, beautiful, well-fed ... All these new and interesting.

03. Wolves also know how to love ...
"Uncle" carefully watching my shelter, heard not clear clicks. I remained calm, but his eyes off me did not take.
source(and thank you Igor for the heads up!)