Thursday, July 28, 2016

Red wolf pup now has name

ASHEBORO — “Pup” is now officially “Red Solo Lobo.”
But, N.C. Zoo keepers will call the almost 3-month-old red wolf pup, born May 3, “Solo.”
He’s reported to be getting bigger, more than 12.6 pounds now, plus is more playful with his mother, Haley, and likes to chew on sticks.
“Red Solo Lobo” received the most donations in the naming contest, which concluded July 17, raising nearly $400 for red wolf conservation.
His official name — which means “red, single wolf” — brought in about half the total. Other choices were “Rheagar” in honor of his father, Rayder, and “Drogo,” which is the name of a strong character from the popular TV series “Game of Thrones.”
The “We can’t keep calling him pup!” naming activity was announced on Facebook and websites for the zoo and its support organization, the N.C. Zoo Society, which works with the zoo for the Red Wolf Breeding and Reintroduction Program.
Those voting were asked to make a minimum $5 tax-deductible donation to the zoo society either online or at the park.


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