The Bow Valley wolf pack is being put in jeopardy by visitors allowing them easy access to food, an internationally recognized expert on wolves says.
Parks Canada was forced to post a wolf warning for campgrounds in the Bow Valley in Banff National Park on Thursday after a string of incidents that have seen the animals getting bolder around humans.
"Both inadvertently on the part of people who leave food, and also those who do it intentionally, the consequences for wolves are often lethal," Paul Paquet tells CBC News.

Incidents escalating 

The Bow Valley pack was seen eating garbage at Johnston Canyon in January, and there have been many more sightings since.
On Tuesday things escalated when the pack entered a campsite at Tunnel Mountain, ignoring campers who tried to chase them away, with one of them making off with a loaf of bread from a closed cooler.

Wolf pack sighting near Banff
Andrew Hempstead was checking out the newly revamped trail at Johnston Canyon back in January when he noticed something moving in the parking lot. (Submitted by Andrew Hempstead)
Paquet says as the wolves behaviour gets worse, the risks for both them and us increase.
"I do think there's an element of risk for people and it's a difficult conundrum for how they address that," said Paquet, who has been studying wolves and their behaviour for 45 years.

Serious consequences

"The risk is relatively minor in terms of any form of aggression that would manifest into serious injuries, but the possibility of a bite is there."