Sunday, June 12, 2016

Exclusive video of wolves in Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino, B.C

Video captures four of the wolves walking through the Wickanninish Dunes near Tofino, B.C.

By Karin Larsen, CBC News  
Posted: Jun 09, 2016

Exclusive Parks Canada video obtained by CBC shows some of the wolves that were the subject of a wolf advisory issued by Pacific Rim National Park earlier this week.
The video captures four of the wolves walking through the Wickanninish Dunes near Tofino, B.C.
On Tuesday, the park issued an advisory after wolves were reported to be approaching campers and occupied campsites in the park.
According to Kiri Westnedge of Parks Canada, the video was taken on May 16 when the wolves triggered a camera they had set up in the park.
"The cameras work by detecting changes in emitted infrared energy in the form of heat, triggering the camera to take a series of photos and or videos," said Westnedge. "The locations where the cameras are placed are chosen to maximize the potential for the detection of large carnivores."
Parks Canada believes there are two packs of coastal wolves living in and around the park.
The 10-second video capturing the wolves is one of the best so far and part of a greater effort to learn more about the wolves.
"Along with photos and video .. .we compile reported wildlife observations from Parks Canada staff and visitors ... to give us greater insight into the amazing animals that live in the park," said Westnedge.
"We can get information on date, time of day, number of animals and by comparing the various photos, get a rough idea of the boundaries of different wolf packs."