Monday, January 11, 2016

Possible wolf spotted in Broken Arrow, OK?

Friday, Jan. 8, 2016
PHOTO: Broken Arrow photo
                                                         PHOTO: Broken Arrow
By Tiffany Alaniz

Quick Facts:
  • Residents near 51st and Lynn Lane say they saw a wolf
  • Neighbors worry about child and pet safety
  • Wildlife Diversity Biologists say it’s likely a wolf/dog hybrid
  • They say it likely got away from its owner or was dumped
Broken Arrow neighbors said they are nervous after seeing what they think is a wolf around their neighborhood.
FOX23 crews spoke to families near 51st and Lynn Lane, who say they saw one in broad daylight.

People told FOX23 they thought it was a grey wolf.

Wildlife Diversity Biologists told FOX23 the wolf was likely not 100 percent wolf, but a wolf/dog hybrid. Those animals are exempt from wildlife statutes because they are not full wolves.
They said it is likely a hybrid animal got away from its owner or was dumped by an owner who did not want it anymore.
Families in the area are concerned for the safety of their children and animal.